Meetup For Hypnotherapy Training

You are invited to join me for our next Meetup!

Are you curious or interested about how you can learn to hypnotize yourself or others?

Who certifies this stuff anyways?

What kind of training is involved? Is it hard?

Let’s have a chat about hypnotherapist training.

What do you need to know to practice hypnosis on yourself and others? –
What does hypnotherapist training involve?
What knowledge areas does it cover?
How are hypnotherapists evaluated?
The National Guild of Hypnotists – who are they and what does it mean to be certified? Where can I be trained in Saskatchewan?

• Wednesday, November 15, 2017 7:00 PM Roots Kitchen & Bar 4000 James Hill Road (Harbour Landing), Regina, SK
• The Maple Room is booked for our discussion.
• Roots is the restaurant located on the main floor of Orange Tree Living in Harbour Landing.

Who can benefit from learning how to use hypnosis for healing?
• someone who wants to help their family and friends suffer less and feel better
• someone who is thinking about merging out of their present work/job/career and into a more rewarding one
• someone who is already working with clients and would like to take the work deeper and resolve issues more effectively and efficiently
• someone who is wanting to release old patterns, programs and feelings that are holding them back and down

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